Russia does ‘absolutely nothing’ to regulate crypto, RACIB head says (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

2021.10.25 06:36 ASICmachine Russia does ‘absolutely nothing’ to regulate crypto, RACIB head says (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.25 06:36 Syieny REX ORANGE COUNTY - TELEVISION (SO FAR SO GOOD) | GUITAR COVER Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Rex Orange County - Related Stuff :D Cheers! ♤♡◇♧

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2021.10.25 06:36 ASICmachine CoinMarketCap hack reportedly leaks 3.1 million user email addresses (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.25 06:36 inmoon انیمیشن اسلاگترا: مبارزین در سایه (دوبله فارسی) Slugterra: Into the Shadows 2016

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2021.10.25 06:36 Sirluke79 USTX💎: designed for continuous growth and low volatility. Our DEX dynamically burns and mints tokens in the liquidity pool to enhance the price🚀. 🔥84% of launchpad is already sold. Ends October 30th: get it now before it's too late!🔥

The USTX project aims to create a low volatility, consistently growing token, that can act as a bridge between high yield tokens and stablecoins. The token is traded in our DEX, that uses active reserve minting and burning to enhance the growth during upmarket and reduce price drawdown during bear market periods.
Why is USTX different from other DeFi projects flooding the cryptoverse?
It's NOT a meme coin
It's NOT a deflationary token
It's NOT a rebase token
So, what is it? It's a DEX with a dynamic reserve minting/burning algorithm:
✅ When the market is growing and people is buying, the DEX contract mints a small percentage of new tokens to increase the reserve liquidity. The price is rising.
✅ When the market is weak and people is selling, the DEX contract burns a percentage of tokens to sustain the price at the cost of reducing the reserve liquidity. The price falls a lot less than a normal AMM DEX. Volatility is reduced and the uptrend is more consistent.
✅ The strength of the price managing action depends on the reserve level that the contract keeps around a certain target level.
With USTX there will be no need to switch to stablecoins during bear market to reduce the losses. One token for consistent growth during all market conditions.
The DEX allows swapping USTX with the most diffused stablecoins: USDT, USDC, USDJ and TUSD. The liquidity reserve is made of the same 4 tokens and it's locked in the contract forever. The contract does not have a function to withdraw the liquidity, rug pulls are not possible!
The project has been developed with a community test program to test and debug the platform, operating since June.
The smart contracts have been audited before being deployed to assure the maximum possible degree of protection against bugs in the code and malicious activity.
Deployed on Tronix: decentralized with low fees and low environmental impact.
💎46% for lauchpad (of which, 5% allocated to testnet participants)
💎29% in locked DEX reserve
💎25% for development, marketing and team resources (with vesting)
💎1% fee only on sell transactions
⏱ Active now, ends October 30th 2021, 4 weeks duration, fair (max 2000USDT purchase)
1️⃣ Round 1 10M USTX @ 0.010 USDT price (💥already 84% sold💥)
2️⃣ Round 2 10M USTX @ 0.012 USDT price
📈 DEX trading starts @ 0.015USDT price
🔒90% of liquidity raised during launchpad is locked in the DEX reserve
Official project info
Contracts audit:
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2021.10.25 06:36 inmoon انیمیشن اسلاگترا: بازگشت به المنتالز (دوبله فارسی) Slugterra: Return of the Elementals 2014

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2021.10.25 06:36 mptkala 👜👜 $TRENDY 👠👠 | New Token for E-Commerce TrendyStore | 💎💎 The token you can spend on luxury products 💎💎| Redistribution, BuyBack and Anti-Bot system.

We are almost finished designing an online store where you can anonymously use your $Trendy tokens to purchase authentic designer luxury gifts, watches and hand bags … and the best part, shipped anonymously!
Redistribution: 2%
Buy-Back: 6%
Marketing: 3%
Total supply: 1 Trillon
Holders: 200 (You Are Early!!!)
Liquidity: $65,000
Market Cap: $100,000
Current Price: 0.0000001
CoinGecko: Pending
Transparent and sincere devs!
Website: Trendy.Finance
Reddit: Trendy
Join us on Telegram: @ TrendyToken
Instagram: Trendy.Finance
Twitter: TrendyToken
Dextools Chart:
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2021.10.25 06:36 inmoon سیزدهم مهر روز نیروی انتظامی

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2021.10.25 06:36 BADellinger Do rifle length URX2s (PN 20547) even exist?

I've been looking for one of these rails for what seems to be a lifetime.
I've purchased a mod2 LPR that is looking at getting the SPR treatment for an AEM5 and the 20547 is the final piece to my puzzle. If you or anyone you know has one of these rails in any condition, I would love to be put in touch. As I'm just about to the point of madness looking for one haha.
Thanks kings
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2021.10.25 06:36 BeautifulEnd949 WARNING: CoinMarketCap total supply figures erroneously includes the burn wallet. If corrected we could see a boost in the price of Shiba Inu.

The burn wallet for Shiba is included in coinmarketcap supply figures therefore skewing their Holder Statistics page for Shiba Inu.
The burn wallet currently has 410,253,777,082,906 Shiba representing 41.03% of supply.
They erroneously state 72.69% of Shiba is held by the Top 10 holders when the figure should in fact be 32.30%.
Doge Top 10 own 45.36%.
Does anyone know any devs at Shiba to submit a coinmarketcap report to get this corrected. I’m under the belief that a burn wallet can never be resurrected therefore supply ought to be reduced in line with what’s burned?
This simple news would probably boost the Shiba Inu price!
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2021.10.25 06:36 GanglyCargo69 Are females weaker?

I mean no offence by this post, if you’re offended just downvote and move on!
From playing RDRO since it’s release I’ve had 5 different characters 2 of which were female. I noticed that the females tended to take more damage than the males. However I also noticed that they were more agile. Anyone elaborate on this?
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2021.10.25 06:36 elwoods_impromptu Ocie Stockard And The Wanderers - Bass Man Jive

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2021.10.25 06:36 inmoon انیمیشن سریالی اسلاگترا قسمت۱ (دوبله فارسی) Slugterra TV Series 2012-2016

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2021.10.25 06:36 MisterSkilledIdiot What was the dumbest thing you've ever searched up and why?

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2021.10.25 06:36 Accomplished_Cut553 why ubisoft might return to steam

since ubisoft left steam lets take a look at games they released
1.Division 2(commercial faliure)
2.Ghost recon breakpoint(commercial faliure)

  1. Watch Dogs legion(faliure)
  2. Assassins creed Valhalla(Huge success)
  3. Immortals fenyx rising(most likley faliure since it went to 60%off in 6-8 months)
  4. Far Cry 6 (outsold by Metroid dread lol)
in last 2-3 years ubisoft had 6 aaa releases out of which only 1 met sale expectations even after division 2 and far cry 6 are great games and if division 2 was on steam. I am pretty sure it would have met sales expectations just look at other looter shooters and how well they are doing on steam and ubisoft ceo said if steam deck is big enough they will put their games on steam. It seems to me like they are looking for a reason to come back to steam instead of admitting their failure what do you guys think how long its gonna take ubisoft to come back to steam
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2021.10.25 06:36 Toasted-walnut Greg Maddux is the GOAT modern pitcher

In some other universe this post might have been a reasonable (and readable) length. Unfortunately, in this universe some dudes named Roger, Randy, and Pedro happened to exist. So warning: the following is a very, very long attempted analysis. Feel free to skip around the sections, or just read the conclusion.
Note: the timeframe of the analysis is post-1960 (post expansion era). So no Walter Johnson, Cy Young, etc.

The Most Valuable Peak Ever ERA+
Let’s start off with a straightforward advanced stat that most people are familiar with: adjusted ERA. Accounting for park factors, how large was the league average ERA in comparison to player A? Put another way, if a pitcher put up a season of 150 ERA+, that would tell us that the league average ERA was 1.5 times larger than the pitcher’s ERA accounting for park factors.
ERA+ is a great and simple statistic, but it misses a lot of important context. We’ll get to some of these contextual factors in the later sections, but let’s look into one of those factors here: on average, how deep into games . All things being equal, it’s more lofty Of course, since ERA+ is normalized to the league average, we need to see what the league average IP/GS was as well since it could be the case that the league on the whole was pitching deeper and having to see more batters for the 3rd and 4th time around, in which case having a high IP/GS might not actually be suppressing the individual pitcher’s ERA+ value.
At these lofty heights, even one earned run can make a not insignificant difference.

Of the big four, Maddux is the one the all-in-one value metrics have the greatest disagreement about.
Standard Deviation of WARs
Clemens: 3.7
Pedro: 6.0
Johnson: 11.3
Maddux: 13.2
Now, this is probably not very surprising to most people--Maddux has become the patron saint of pitchers who out-perform their peripherals through inducing soft-contact. And this is true for Maddux’s prime. Maddux was able to significantly outperform his peripherals during his prime through his ability to induce weak contact and field his position at an all-time level.
But this image does not really hold true for Maddux’s overall career. Unlike long-time teammate Tom Glavine, Maddux was not good at all the components that allow a pitcher to outperform their FIP. Specifically, he was fairly poor at sequencing (performance with runners on base) and abysmal at preventing stolen bases. And in the beginning and tail-end of his career, when his ability to induce soft contact was greatly diminished or non-existent, Maddux could not offset these deficiencies with his fielding to out-perform his peripherals.
But Maddux was not an all-time great because of these non-FIP factors. He was all-time great because he paired an almost unprecedented ability to prevent walks with an unprecedented ability to prevent home-runs. In fact, the FIP-based WAR (fWAR) loves Maddux in terms of career evaluation: his career fWAR of 116.7 is 2nd best of the modern era. So while FIP does significantly undervalue Maddux’s prime, it is basically in agreement with a strictly results based evaluation on Maddux’s overall career value.

Instead, the biggest disagreement regarding Maddux’s value stems from the adjustment for team defense. Specifically, Total Zone, which is the defensive metric used by Baseball Reference for their WAR calculations pre-2003 (before DRS), is incorrectly overrating the Atlanta defense during the Maddux years.
But the Atlanta defense was great during Maddux’s time, wasn’t it? Assuming the pitchers overall for the team are about average in terms of their BABIP and LOB ability, the difference between runs allowed (RA) and FIP should capture the impact of the team’s defense over a large enough sample size. So let’s take a look at Atlanta’s RA9-WAR vs. fWAR during the Maddux years:
From the surface level, it seems like the team’s historically good defense allowed the pitchers to greatly outperform their FIP. But let’s break this down by Maddux and Glavine vs. the rest of the pitchers on ATL:
Prime Years (1993 - 1998)

Maddux + Glavine 2715 92.3 71.2 21.1(Maddux: 10.1Glavine: 11.0)
Rest of ATL Pitchers 5431 81.2 84.2 -3
In their prime years, the entirety of the Braves’ outperformance in FIP was concentrated within Maddux and Glavine. Put another way, somehow the entirety of the benefit of this historically great defense was seen just when Maddux and Glavine were pitching.
There are three reasonable explanations for this:
  1. The credit for BABIP/LOB suppression that should belong to Maddux and Glavine is incorrectly being assigned to the team defense. The extreme anomaly of having two all-time great FIP outperformers in their prime over an extended period of time is leading to significant suppression of bWAR value over this period as all pitchers in Atlanta during this period are getting deducted for having a historic defense that doesn’t actually exist.
  2. The rest of the pitchers in Atlanta during this time were collectively extremely incompetent in the non-FIP categories, which is masking the impact of the historically good team defense.
  3. Maddux and Glavine were uniquely situated to take advantage of the team defense.
Let’s examine scenario 1 by looking at the residential guinea pig, John Smoltz:
John Smoltz

Over a large sample size, if the defensive adjustment made by bWAR is correct, the difference between bWAR and fWAR should be capturing the pitcher’s ability in the non-FIP categories. The results here are telling us that Smoltz, for whatever reason, became the incomparably worst pitcher ever in the non-FIP categories when Maddux was his teammate. Smoltz’s 10.8 difference in 1,574 IP significantly outpaces Nolan Ryan’s 25.4 in 5386 IP career difference. And Nolan Ryan has a reasonable claim to being one of the worst all-time at pretty much every non-FIP category (fielding, sequencing, wild pitches, and preventing stolen bases). This is just not believable, especially since we see that Smoltz put up an entirely reasonable 2.6 difference in more IP outside these Maddux years. The much more reasonable explanation is that Smoltz is getting incorrectly penalized for a team defense that isn’t actually that great.
Let’s extend this to the rest of the ATL pitchers of this period:

Finally, let’s look into the last scenario. Was Maddux uniquely positioned to benefit from the Atlanta defense? We know that during Maddux’s prime he was an extreme groundball pitcher (1.53 GB/FB). So let’s take a look at the infield defense of the Braves during his time there:
Years TZ (Overall) TZ (Infield) TZ (Outfield)
1993-1998 318 107 211
1993-2003 460 110 350
Total Zone thinks the Braves infield was pretty good, but it thinks that the outfield was much, much better. If you were to design a pitcher for this defense, you would want the opposite of a groundballer. You could make the case that Maddux was uniquely unsuited to take advantage of this Atlanta defense.
Was it the case that Maddux was just putting a lot more ball in play than the rest of the team, which was allowing him to take more frequent advantage of this overall good defense?

What often gets overlooked is Maddux in his prime was above average in strikeout rate. He posted higher adjusted strikeout % as compared to the rest of the team.
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2021.10.25 06:36 gamerzclass KheZu is Hosting A 60min Livestage Where He Will Talk About His TI Experience as Quincy Crew's Coach at 13h30 CEST

Hey guys,
We've reached out to KheZu and he has been nice enough to agree to do a 60 minute Livestage on our Discord to talk to us about his experience at TI, how it was & get those juicy behind the scenes details.
If people are nice and everything goes well we will be bringing people on stage & let them ask questions and speak with Khezu Directly.
Starts in 2 hours.
Join here:
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2021.10.25 06:36 ZoolShop Petrol prices shoot up to record highs

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2021.10.25 06:36 inmoon انیمیشن گودزیلا: شهری در خط مقدم (دوبله فارسی) Godzilla City on the Edge of Battle 2018

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2021.10.25 06:36 Geode89 Princess bite deck, what cards to level up first?

Hi guys,
Need little bit of an advice. I am at 4800 trophies and trying to reach Arena 15. What cards should I upgrade first? And is this the best Princess bites deck atm?
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2021.10.25 06:36 Azsnee09 Comrade kot stopping the advancing Wehrmacht in Stalingrad.

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2021.10.25 06:36 Edijose45 Hope this clears the air!

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2021.10.25 06:36 Chazzball101 The Happiest Boi

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2021.10.25 06:36 inmoon گودزیلا: سیاره خوار (دوبله فارسی) Godzilla: The Planet Eater 2018

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2021.10.25 06:36 Historical-Task-3124 What’s alpe d’huez like?

I’m heading out there in jan with a few guys from uni, they’re saying it’s great out there but I thought I’d just get some opinions from here?
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