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My pizza after I was forced to slam the brakes by a guy who cut me off, sending my pizza to the floor.

2021.11.30 10:10 yakfsh1 My pizza after I was forced to slam the brakes by a guy who cut me off, sending my pizza to the floor.

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2021.11.30 10:10 HeyHoooLetsGo Surprise!

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2021.11.30 10:10 reddt0m Just got a refurbished P3 XL but...

I bought a refurbished Pixel 3 XL and I immediatly noticed two things:
1) when I set a solid black wallpaper at the top of the screen alongside the notch there are some weird-color bars that are not solid black (photo: https://i.redd.it/mj2wbg381q281.jpg)
2) display colors seems faded when brightness is not max

Are these things normal for a Pixel 3 XL?
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2021.11.30 10:10 floodlar-com Köprüye Ateist girdim, Müslüman olarak çıktım floodu

Motosiklet kullanan arkadaşlar biraz evvel Boğaz Köprüsü'nden motosikletle geçtim Boğaz Köprüsü'nde aşırı derecede rüzgar var denize uçmamak için çok çaba sarf ettim sakın ha Boğaz Köprüsü'nden geçmeyin Bakın ben Ateist bir insanım köprünün ortalarda doğru kelime-i şehadet getirdim köprünün sonunda La havle vela kuvvete suresini okuyordum köprü ateist olarak girdim Müslüman olarak çıktım köprüden geçeceksiniz bir daha düşünün
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2021.11.30 10:10 HeII_Boy Tell me, or those 2 weird things will appear in your bed tonight

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2021.11.30 10:10 Sk8erBoizz Impression on New Mercenaries in Patch 22.0

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2021.11.30 10:10 totzz 😂 Squid Game 😂 Among Us 😂 Bussin 😂 Sheesh 😂

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2021.11.30 10:10 alexberishYT If your biometric enrolment turned red and "Application transferred to VAC" went green at the same time, your application probably has not actually been transferred to VAC

My timeline:
25 November - Biometrics appointment
29 November - Application received by DMC
This morning, biometrics went red and "Application transferred to VAC" went green.
It has only been 2 working days.
There is zero chance my application was transferred to VAC.
Both of these status changes are likely glitches; not just the biometric enrolment one, so don't get excited that your long wait is almost over.
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2021.11.30 10:10 aliasad1998 The Big Sleep is a Humphrey Bogart film noir classic

“Why did you have to go on?” “Too many people told me to stop.”
Pure film noir stubbornness embodied here by Bogart’s Philip Marlowe.
Takes the plot complexity of The Maltese Falcon and cranks it up a notch. The film relentlessly and rapidly moves from one plot thread to the next as dozens of characters come and go. I will reiterate what I said about The Maltese Falcon. Most of the time our protagonist has no idea what is going on and pushes through because of obsession, love, a set of ethics or whatever else. The audience should do the same and relish the characters, writing and atmosphere on display. Although for me what prevents this from being quite at the level of The Maltese Falcon is that despite its complexity, it does not have nearly the amount of well written and memorable characters as the latter.
Bogart imbues Philip Marlowe with much more humanity than the colder Sam Spade. Impressively, he does so without compromising on any of the coolness. Marlowe clearly has a much stricter moral code than Spade whose principles are only made clear near the end of his film.
Perhaps what is most commendable about The Big Sleep is the way it treats its femme fatale played here by the beautiful Lauren Bacall. As opposed to the usually villainous and detestable maneater that is found in other Noir films, Vivian is sympathetic and schemes not because of some inherent wickedness but because of things like love for her family. Marlowe getting caught up between two sisters—one he loves and one he very clearly cannot stand (for good reason)—makes for an entertaining premise.
The horse racing conversation between Bogart and Bacall has to be one of the greatest displays of sexual double entendre and flirting ever put on screen.
Follow my Letterboxd to keep up with everything I watch and write. It’s aliasad. Or click on the link to go to the review and my profile.
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2021.11.30 10:10 Wlydefire Xbox X Oculus Idea

It would be good if you could use air link to connect to an xbox series console to play vr
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2021.11.30 10:10 bobamilktea74 One way down

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2021.11.30 10:10 HaywireNZ There's a crisis in the West

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2021.11.30 10:10 aromatel Feeling valid at last!

I often question my validity as a bisexual person, because the most I'd ever done with non (cis) men was go on dates. I sometimes questioned whether I was even bi because I didn't have the experience to back it up(stupid I know).
Well anyway, I kissed a girl yesterday and am now very much certain that I actually do like girls. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a kiss more 😅
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2021.11.30 10:10 PlaySensitive7260 Lol what in the world are they doing?

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2021.11.30 10:10 jhonco163 rate my fit

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2021.11.30 10:10 TheRuiner666 Sunset in the Australian bush.

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2021.11.30 10:10 Ok_Knowledge8190 It's my cake day and the day I might ask out my crush:)

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2021.11.30 10:10 Forward_Commercial23 X/Y axis issue durring printing.

Hello guys, Not sure if someone ever faced my case, but i'm already don't know what i need to do. I'm worked with "kingt Gen5 m1" printing machine. Before printing i prepare file with help of ColorGate. And main issue, is what all pictures always have displacement on it. The further the printer head moves, the greater the displacement is. Thank you guys.
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2021.11.30 10:10 dinosaur4000 Mars Appreciation :)

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2021.11.30 10:10 Interesting_Stress73 What specs are you guys running? Need advice for home computer

I've been searching around the web for advice on what to get for Blender. But the problem is that almost all build suggestions I find are geared towards someone building a full on Blender 3D-workstation.

  1. I can't afford that.
  2. I want a computer I can use for gaming as well as some Blender and Unreal Engine work.
However, I am not looking for a computer where I can do it all at a top level professional level, especially final render. I'm using computers at Campus for that, what I need is a computer on which I can work relatively smoothly with most tasks for when I can't be on campus.
It's not that easy to give a budget since prices differ from region to region but I'm talking like 900-1000 USD I think.
And yes, I can remote in but it's truly horrific.

What do you guys use if you aren't running a top grade workstation?
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2021.11.30 10:10 Joshdunn__ Hqd vs rare flow

I just back into vaping now doing actually nicotine stuff before I did 0% and I’m using a rare flow and a hqd cuvie plus, is the hqd harsher with nicotine? I seem to get more light headed with the hqd
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2021.11.30 10:10 s_o_l_a_c_e [CANADA ONLY] Netcoins - Get $30 + $10 From Me.

Netcoins is a awesome little crypto exchange company that offers deposits & withdrawals by
e-transfer. They are offering a sign up bonus of $30 when you complete KYC and make $100 worth
of trades, but I'm willing to sweeten the deal more and once I received the kickback from your
signup I will etransfer you an additonal $10!

Here are the steps for the offer:

  1. Signup using my referall link - https://netcoins.app/r?ac=ET9281
  2. Complete KYC
  3. Fund the account with any amount (This can be done via e-transfer)
  4. Complete $100 worth of trades (Can be multiple or just 1 $100 trade)
  5. Once you receive the $30 (Payout is instant) simply take a screen shot of the $30CDN
  6. DM me your screen shot + your email address to receive your additional $10!
And thats it!

I'm offering this until December 1st as this is when the offer ends. And once you have opened the
account you are able to refer people and you can make $60 per person you refer!
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2021.11.30 10:10 init32 Power of the Rp2+

Hi guys,
I have been searching the web about the RP2+ SOC and I stumbled upon an article that the Unisoc T310 is actually equivalent to a Snapdragon 845.
If that is the case, we can look forward to good performance on Gamecube.
Am I being too optimistic?
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2021.11.30 10:10 Great_White_Sharky Girls holding cherry tree branches wave goodbye to a departing Kamikaze plane, Battle of Okinawa 1945. The plane is a Nakajima Ki-43 fighter of the IJA

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2021.11.30 10:10 timmylau7 American JAAAAAAAAAG

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