Forbidden Glory Hole

2021.11.30 09:53 Imaginarynomad Forbidden Glory Hole

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2021.11.30 09:53 Affectionate-Yak3884 Too pretty to be tucked away in the slipcase! History of Western Science by John Gribbin

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2021.11.30 09:53 bryanhudgens17 Bradley Cooper recalls being held at knifepoint -

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2021.11.30 09:53 Dr_Singularity China’s Mars rover has amassed reams of novel geological data

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2021.11.30 09:53 KuantumWinter Is WAGMI experiencing problems?

Since this morning I'm having problems with Euphoria. On Firefox the page had problems loading and when it did all values are showing as 0 or NaN. I thought this might be just be a browser issue for some reason. So I went to Chrome where everything is showing as normal but any transaction fails. Can't claim, can't stake nor unstake. Is someone else experiencing this issue?
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2021.11.30 09:53 Accelerator231 How much did the invention of blood transfusions reduce the maternal mortality rate?

I keep seeing references of people bleeding to death after giving birth in historical texts. 'Death by bloodloss'. So after blood transfusions were invented (and perfected in 1900!). Was there a large drop in the maternal mortality rate? Or was it overshadowed by people figuring out how to wash their hands?
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2021.11.30 09:53 Ok-Understanding7041 25$ in crypto INSTANTLY (register, Kyc, tutorial) NO DEPOSIT

Join to bitclout and get 25$ instantly after registration and verify yourself and do tutorial. Thats all, u got 25$!
You can withdraw it instantly after that.
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2021.11.30 09:53 IndependentSquash179 Has anyone switched from Mirtazapine to Zoloft (sertraline)?

I've been on 45mg of Mirtazapine for 6 years, I want to switch to Zoloft instead as I've read it's much better for OCD, which I am suffering from terribly.
I'm really worried about coming off the Mirtazapine in order to switch, and wondered if anyone had any experience?
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2021.11.30 09:53 ttin89 Drawtism: DRAWTOONS - Dec 3rd 4pm ET

Drawtoons are 7777 little characters with all parts entirely hand drawn by viral internet artist Drawtism.
-DRAWTOONS ANIMATED- (feature in, and/or voice act in the virally anticipated drawtoons animated series by simply owning one) Drawtoon Comics/Animations, Featuring your NFTs, and entire story decided by the holders! (with plans to reward holders with further $crayon royalties from animation video revenue, these will be tied to the asset to increase the value in your hold) the series will be posted online through my socials to be watched by millions.
-Advanced $CRAYONOMICS- holding Drawtoons will earn you $crayons which can be used to stake in increased voting rights or collected and used to redeem physical giveaways, NFTs and more raffle tickets in giveaways. This community and exclusive society of collectors is eligible for regular cash and NFT giveaways
animation teasetrailer:
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2021.11.30 09:52 DiscreetBeaver Took bromazolam for 2 weeks straight

First tried bromaz and only used ocassionally for like a month or so. Then took them for 2 weeks straight at around 2-3 mg. 4 mg a few times. How do I taper? I wanna be safe and not go cold turkey. Been dealing with an on and off benzo addiction for the past 3 years or so. It's gotten worse again after covid with my anxiety and depression getting worse. I have done therapy and I know I just need to get clean, start exercising again and stop eating crap and staying up late or partying and get wasted sometimes with friends. Been single for a while too so it ain't always easy but hey I'll try and stay positive (I'm a highly anxious introvert with ocd, also find the benzos make my ocd worse and I'm tired of feeling slow, out of it and tired all time. But ya any advice appreciated. Thanks
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2021.11.30 09:52 CantFindAUsername68 You can pick one released wrestler to come back who are you picking from the last 2 years

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2021.11.30 09:52 kherubae New PETA merch

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2021.11.30 09:52 pompadoors2 Can this be power vented?

I have a oil burning boiler that does both my heat and hot water. Right now it shares a flu with a woodstove.
Boiler in question
Can anyone tell if it's possible to power vent the boiler out the side of the house to remove it from the chimney?
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2021.11.30 09:52 Weary_Asparagus9197 W or L? (I traded Messi away btw)

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2021.11.30 09:52 HelmetCramCram New starter dimensional forms

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2021.11.30 09:52 ptr321gm Apollo Program - How NASA Determined the Shape of the Apollo Command Module

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2021.11.30 09:52 ehosca Sukajan Jacket
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2021.11.30 09:52 TheMummysCurse Very long synopsis/summary of 'Forged', ALL THE SPOILERS

I’ve been writing a summary of ‘Forged’ on and off for the past few months, since it’s the only one for which (as far as I know) we don’t yet have a summary. Since I’m me, it got very long indeed. Inspired by u/spike31875, I had the idea of fitting it to a timeline. I’ve also put a tl;dr actual short summary at the end. Finished it off last night figuring I’d post it today before ‘Risen’ came out; of course, ‘Risen’ then came out this morning anyway. :) But here this is for anyone who wants to read it over before (or after) reading ‘Risen’. SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING.
Mon 28th Aug: Alex is in China, trying to follow Anne to Jagadev’s lair, joined shortly by Vari. Unfortunately, they get there too late; all they find is a lot of dead henchmen, a power cloak that Vari grabs, and a barely-alive Jagadev, who’s been crucified and left under a torture spell so that he can spend his last few hours suffering. Even dying and under torture Jagadev is still a dick, so he tries winding Vari up and Vari flash-fries him. Alex and Vari get out of there just ahead of some angry members of the Chinese Council and an even angrier Rachel, now with even more homicidal psychopathy and an even bigger grudge than before.
Alex tries contacting Talisid to negotiate a ceasefire between him and the Council, but the Council doesn’t want to know. Alex is still managing to evade them by using the fateweaver to mess up their divinations, but it’s taking him longer and longer each day.
Tue 29th Aug: Alex tries making some plans. He tries talking to the jinn in the monkey’s paw, which, as you can imagine, is a scary experience and doesn’t get him much further, as it’s hard to make sense out of what it says. He goes to see Morden, which is more productive (as well as letting us see just how much Alex’s Smoothly Threatening Villain skills have come on since earlier books; he learned from the best). Alex wants to bring down the Council. Morden might know something to help.
Wed 30th Aug: Klara (the healer Landis found for Alex in the last book) comes to check how the fateweaver’s doing on eating Alex alive/replacing his body. It’s reached his elbow. She tells him if he doesn’t have his arm amputated, he’ll die when it gets to his internal organs. Alex figures this gives him about a month. He turns down the amputation offer and goes to spy on Luna because he knows Dark Anne is about to come visit her for a little chat.
Dark Anne wants to make Luna an offer she can’t refuse. Specifically, she wants Luna to host the jinn from the monkey’s paw. Now, although we’ve never seen Luna’s reaction to what happened to Martin back in Book 2, it turns out that seeing your boyfriend go insane and try to claw his own eyes out after wrongly thinking he could handle using wish magic from a jinn is the kind of experience that stays with you. Luna does not want to touch this offer with a very long bargepole. Dark Anne (or, more accurately, the jinn) isn’t happy at all with Luna’s attempts to fob them off, but fortunately Alex, watching from the flat across the street, manages to distract her before she can unleash the wrath of the jinn on Luna. DA meets him and he asks her to move Levistus to the top of her kill list, which isn’t something she needs too much persuasion to agree to.
Alex goes to Sonder’s flat for more information about jinn. Sonder, who’s still as much of a geek at heart as he was back in Book 1, tells him that the jinn from the ring (the one Anne’s now hosting) had four ifrit generals. He also tells Alex about a theory that, when the jinn were stripped of their bodies and bound into objects instead, this caused them to experience the fraction of time in between the two as an eternity without sensory input, driving them insane. This makes horrible sense out of some of what the monkey’s paw told Alex. Sonder has, unfortunately, changed a lot in other ways, and he contacts the Council as soon as Alex has left the flat, but Alex escapes by using his divination and the fateweaver to kill Symmaris just as she opens a gate into the courtyard. (Yeah, Alex has changed too.)
Thur 31st Aug: Morden gets back in touch and tells Alex that the source of Levistus’s political power is a synthetic artificial intelligence that ransacks computer networks to find out everyone’s secrets for blackmail purposes. The intelligence is kept at the top of Heron Tower in London, under extremely heavy security. Alex goes to Cinder to ask for help retrieving it. Cinder agrees, but the favour he wants in return is for Alex to make sure Cinder gets a chance to talk to Rachel.
Fri 1st Sep: In a huge action scene involving explosives, fights, police, Rachel turning up to try to kill Alex again just in case not quite enough people were doing this already, Alex seriously questioning his entire life choices to date, and an eventual mid-air hijacking of a helicopter, Alex successfully retrieves the artificial intelligence. It’s called November (short for some lengthy serial number), and it turns out to have a personality of its own; it’s willing to help Alex out in return for getting a slightly more interesting life than it’s had being enslaved to Levistus.
Sat 2nd Sep: November tells Alex about a shit-ton of blackmail material that he’s collected on Council members over the years. Alex speaks to Talisid again and requests a cease-fire again; Talisid tells him the only way the Council will agree is if he returns November. Alex agrees to meet him for the exchange and says he’ll let him know the time and place.
Sun 3rd Sep: Time for Alex to keep his end of the deal with Cinder, which means he’s got to find Rachel. To be fair, that part of it isn’t exactly hard, since the only thing he needs to do to get her to turn up and chase him is to exist. So, he and Cinder go back to Richard’s old mansion so that they can have the final showdown somewhere out of the way. While they’re waiting for Rachel, Alex makes it clear that this is the last chance he’s going to give her; this time, if Cinder can’t persuade Rachel to leave Alex alone, Alex is going to kill her.
You probably don’t need divination to figure out how that one’s going to work out; despite Cinder’s most forceful attempts to get Rachel to leave Alex the fuck alone, she’s having none of it, and goes after Alex, trying to kill Cinder on the way. Alex lures Rachel physically into Elsewhere where she comes face-to-face – literally – with her insanity. It isn’t pretty. In one of the most chillingly gory scenes I’ve read in a while, Rachel self-destructs, leaving Shireen to evaporate.
Mon 4th Sep: Amazingly, Alex actually manages to get through a day without needing to kill or evade anyone. He spends it setting up plans for the next day, including arranging to meet Talisid in a deep shadow realm for the planned handover.
Tue 5th Sep: Did anyone figure out that the plan was actually a trick? It was a trick. Talisid actually brought a magically-concealed army of Council forces with him with the plan of capturing Alex. Which is exactly what Alex anticipated; he turns the tables by tricking them into getting shut in a deep shadow realm where time runs more slowly. This means that he and Dark Anne/the jinn can go kill Levistus. HUGE battle scene with much murder, culminating in Dark Anne taking Barrayar and Caldera prisoner and leaving Alex to finish Levistus off in a final direct battle. It takes a lot more fighting, but Alex kills Levistus. He takes some imbued items from his inner sanctum and gets the hell out.
Wed 6th Sep: Alex wakes up the next day with a serious case of ‘what the fuck’, wondering what happens next now that he’s just killed a senior Council member and most of his staff. That question is helpfully answered for him by Landis, who turns up at the Hollow to talk to him.
It seems that the Order of the Shield has, in fact, been deliberately avoiding going after Alex. They had a lot of concerns about Levistus’s level of toxic influence in mage politics, and they were hoping that the ongoing conflict would present some opportunity to weaken him. It’s not clear from the conversation whether they anticipated it happening quite this drastically, although it is pretty clear both that Landis isn’t in the least bit sorry to lose Levistus and that he’s not happy with the number of deaths that have resulted as collateral damage. Regardless, Landis is here to make it politely, affably, and implacably clear to Alex that the war on Council members stops, here and now. He’ll back Alex’s attempt to get a ceasefire, but he won’t back further attacks.
Alex sets up a conversation with the Senior Council and gives them the ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’ speech (which, by the way, Benedict Jacka has said he planned for a long time in advance and loved writing). If they grant him amnesty, he’ll leave them alone and everyone gets to go on with their lives in peace. If not, then he hunts them down and destroys them, in every way possible. And if they don’t believe he can manage that… yup, Levistus (and a lot of people before him) thought exactly the same thing.
It takes a while, but the Council agree; amnesty for Alex and for his associates. The call ends and Morden strolls out from the trees where he’s been listening to the whole thing. Alex realises that Morden’s used him; the Council think Morden’s one of his associates and so Morden knows he now gets to ride on the coattails of Alex’s amnesty and walk away from the fight unbothered. Alex gets annoyed about this for about three seconds before realising that actually he doesn’t really care. Also, it rapidly emerges that he’s got something much bigger to worry about; Dark Anne/the jinn is attacking the Hollow.
Alex gates in at speed and finds Anne trying to persuade Luna/Karyos/Hermes to host the jinn from the monkey’s paw. None of them want anything to do with it, so the jinn brings out the big guns; its army of jann. They almost overcome Alex and Luna, but Vari gates in just in time, and it turns out the spear Alex took from Levistus’s realm is a very effective anti-jann weapon. They get rid of the army, but Anne’s jinn is still standing, and it attacks them and tries to gate out with Luna. However, Luna’s curse intervenes and twists the magic so that Vari’s the one who goes. Alex loses mental contact with him seconds later, and the monkey’s paw is gone as well.
While they’re all trying to figure out what the hell to do next, Richard arrives. He tells Alex that Alex, Richard and the Council are going to have to ally against Anne, because otherwise she is going to wreak destruction on a scale never before seen. Whatever he says next is worrying enough that it even gets Alex’s mind off Vari. Dun-dun-DUUUNNNN. Fade to black (literally; it’s night-time in the Hollow). The end.

tl;dr: Dark Anne is trying to kill all her enemies and has now got as far as torturing Jagadev (who gets finished off by Vari before he can die from the torture). The jinn is trying to get other jinn bonded and raise an army. Alex is trying to stop it. The Council is trying to kill Alex but Alex is evading them. The fateweaver is trying to eat Alex alive. Alex, with guidance from Morden and help from Cinder, gets hold of November, a synthetic intelligence that Levistus was using to collect blackmail material on everyone. Alex tricks Rachel into self-destructing in Elsewhere. Dark Anne and Alex kill Levistus. Alex threatens the Council into a ceasefire. The Dark Anne/jinn combo kidnaps Caldera, Barryar and Vari. Richard tells Alex that Anne is about to destroy the country and probably a lot more than that, and they’re going to have to work together with the Council to stop her. ENDGAME.
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2021.11.30 09:52 SubRyan SRP is having a Cyber Monday sale on LED bulbs for the next two weeks through the SRP Marketplace

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2021.11.30 09:52 cuban_netrunner Looking for a tradeback for my Kadabra

Room code 14725836
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