LF: 5 star candies FT: 5 ribbon candies

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2022.01.28 00:26 blue_spade LF: 5 star candies FT: 5 ribbon candies

Cram-o-matic has blessed me with not enough stars and too many ribbons. Just looking for an even trade!
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2022.01.28 00:26 battle_furanky Legend of Vox Machina fanart!

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2022.01.28 00:26 MicroXYZ Made some pixel art of wolf in the style of Undertale :D

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2022.01.28 00:26 thethaosocc XONG: Barca đón tân binh thứ 3, “quái thú” từ Premier League

Barca đang hoạt động rất tích cực ở kỳ chuyển nhượng tháng Giêng năm nay. Rất nhanh chóng, họ đã có cho mình tân binh thứ 3.
xem bài viết chi tiết tại: https://thethaoso.com/barca-don-tan-binh-thu-3-quai-thu-premier-league.html?feed_id=24415&_unique_id=61f3627451638&utm_source=Reddit&utm_medium=Th%E1%BB%83%20Thao%20S%E1%BB%91&utm_campaign=FS%20Poster
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2022.01.28 00:26 beerswithbears "Schism of the heart and soul"

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2022.01.28 00:26 Ambitious_Bread2606 What do you think about Serbia?

I have this one friend that I want to get closer with who is Serbian (well part Serbian) and I wanted to see what other Russians/Ethnic-Russians think about Serbs since we’re kinda both Slavic
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2022.01.28 00:26 TheXBoxer [PS4] H: TSE90 Gatling Laser W: V50c25 Enclave Plasma with Aligned Automatic Barrel, Stabilized, and Reflex Sight. Curious about other Enclave Plasma God rolls too, especially if 50c25 or 25ffr25 (Vampires, Bloodied, AA mostly)

[PS4] H: TSE90 Gatling Laser W: V50c25 Enclave Plasma with Aligned Automatic Barrel, Stabilized, and Reflex Sight. Curious about other Enclave Plasma God rolls too, especially if 50c25 or 25ffr25 (Vampires, Bloodied, AA mostly) submitted by TheXBoxer to Market76 [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 00:26 Bb_twissted Had a little 🍷 and felt cute 🖤🖤🖤

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2022.01.28 00:26 Madgirl-555 Screen time

How many hours on average do you spend on computer, phone, and TV? Do you think screen time can make VSS worse?
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2022.01.28 00:26 Ordinary_Topic_6374 I am in pain! I lost about 50 percent of my hard earn money ! The criminal is controlling the stock market! I feel like stupid for buying below stock at high how???

My average Sofi stock is 15. Stocks I am holding!
Square: Average 194 Teladoc Average: 85 Palantir Average: 21 Sofi average : 15
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2022.01.28 00:26 ericlino They don’t know yet

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2022.01.28 00:26 RedLeatherHero Went into co-op vault- all the Gilded chests were empty

My partner and I downloaded iskalls co-op patch and the first vault we went into cooperatively, we were looting just fine
But then every gilded chest we found was totally empty. Nothing inside. It would ping some of them to indicate epic loot and all, but they were always empty. The co-op chests and regular chests worked perfectly.
Unrelated, we ended up dying to timer because my client crashed and my boyfriend couldn't bail without me online, took too long to reload MC. Fs in the chat
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2022.01.28 00:26 DaddyJaspersSon Cannot Import Any Files Into Vegas Pro "An error occurred while opening one or more files"

Cannot Import Any Files Into Vegas Pro Whenever I try to import media into Vegas Pro I get the following error message.
So far I've tried:
Restarting PC
Reinstalling QuickTime
Reinstalling Vegas
What version of VEGAS Pro are you using?
What exact graphics card do you have in your PC?
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
Is it a pirated copy of VEGAS?
Yes :(
Have you Googled this issue yet?
Yes, unfortunately none of the given solutions were successful
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2022.01.28 00:26 007_BMT216A 007 fashioned himself with a pair of N&Fs, first time to ever see raw denim in a big budget movie. It seriously left me shaken but not stirred.

007 fashioned himself with a pair of N&Fs, first time to ever see raw denim in a big budget movie. It seriously left me shaken but not stirred. submitted by 007_BMT216A to rawdenim [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 00:26 onejobjen Was there ever a time when people thought highly of the lifestyle from this show?

I’m rewatching and I know the general opinion is that there are many flaws with this lifestyle and this show highlights a bunch. When you watch now it’s easy to see the jealousy and insecurity knowing what we know now. But was there ever a time when the show first aired that the general outlook was that everyone was happy and that this really worked well for them? Or did people see through it and see the flaws/point them out? I was sorta too young when it first aired to notice/remember
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2022.01.28 00:26 tinmancanlord The PS sub is toxic

I've posted in the playstation sub a few times since I got my PS5 almost a year ago and almost every single post I've put there I've removed because of excessive downvotes and toxic people. I end up posting it in another sub where people are both helpful and supportive. I have no clue why that sub is so mean but it has definitely deterred me away from the greater playstation community after only having just joined less than a year ago since I haven't had a PS since early ps3 days.
I'm not trying to target people start any shit, I'm just trying to start a dialouge and see if anyone else has had this problem because it kinda sucks to have your console community be outright toxic to you for asking for help or sharing what you love
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2022.01.28 00:26 LiteBrightKite This will come in handy, son

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2022.01.28 00:26 TheHotSoulArrow Uh…is…what…

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2022.01.28 00:26 Theonedudeyaknow Bro what

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2022.01.28 00:26 Here2Day34 What gets you put in the friend zone?

I don't mean it in a "poor me we deserve something" BS kind of way. I mean it in a - what do guys do that females view them in a non-sexual way?
It has happened to me for most of my life where females just do not look at me in a sexual way, but they love talking to me, think I'm funny, etc.
I'm not a model but I'm not ugly. The majority of my guy friends don't seem to understand why I don't have more hookups, talk to more girls, etc. I have had men and women tell me that "I'm just too nice" or repeatedly tell me "you're a good guy."
Part of it is just me but is there something I am giving off from a psychological standpoint that is textbook that I can change? Having deep conversations with them, being available, etc.
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2022.01.28 00:26 Mikeygwithbigd Anyone have a Machop egg with egg moves bullet punch and ice punch? PLZ.

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2022.01.28 00:26 pepperonilog_stonks I’m seeing a lot of posters hitting their first cake day here at WSS. Most are 1 year Reddit silver stackers. Mine doesn’t show up for a few more days. These cake slices show how many people were just waiting for a place to call home base. Don’t feel safe.. fill your safe!

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2022.01.28 00:26 Berry-Visual Visible spot under chin..?

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2022.01.28 00:26 RocLover420_69 "Punter" meaning clarification help?

Oregonian here. I recently got Britbox on Amazon and have been watching a lot of British crime drama. It's so much better than American. More mystery and plot, fewer shoot 'em up scenes.
There are myriad British slang terms I've learned from this, but one I'm not sure about is "punter." Google says this means a John, i.e. what north Americans call prostitute customers, and that definitely makes sense in a lot of contexts in which I've heard it used.
But sometimes, and maybe I'm just wrong, it appears to be used to refer to potential suspects in general, or just blue collar hooligan types, not just literal Johns. Am I just misinterpreting, or can it mean something other than "John" in certain contexts?
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2022.01.28 00:26 RaphaelKepler KPLER - Clemenza

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