The Scrael were at the troupe and Mauthen killings.

2022.01.28 00:07 Jandy777 The Scrael were at the troupe and Mauthen killings.

So maybe this has been picked up on before (maybe a long time lurker can confirm/deny) but here it is for those who haven't seen this one.
The smell described when Kote the innkeeper touches an iron shim to the dead scrael:

Their smiles went sour as the room filled with the sweet, acrid smell of rotting flowers and burning hair.
The smell described at the troupe fire:
The sight of bodies strewn about like broken dolls. The smell of blood and burning hair.
So we have the burning hair. But also:
The treated canvas burned fitfully, and the acrid grey smoke hung close to the ground in the quiet evening air.
We have the acrid phrasing too. Note that Kvothe doesn't ever describe the bodies of the troupe as being burnt.
Now, a description of what happened at the Mauthen farm.
“What rumors did you hear, anyway?” Denna asked.
“Not much,” I admitted, thinking back to what the bargeman had said. “A bunch of people were killed at a wedding. Everyone dead, torn apart like rag dolls. Blue fire.”
“They weren’t really torn apart,” Denna said. “From what I heard in town, it was a lot of knife and sword work.”
I hadn’t seen anyone wearing so much as a belt knife since I’d been in town. The closest thing had been farmers with sickles and scythes in the fields. I looked back at the sagging farmhouse, sure that I was missing something….
One says torn apart, one says knife and sword work. What kind of attack would account for both descriptions being equally valid?
“Three or four scrael would go through this town like…like…”
“Like a hot knife through butter?”
“More like several hot knives through several dozen farmers,” Bast said dryly. “These people can’t defend themselves. I bet there aren’t six swords in this whole town. Not that swords would do much good against the scrael.”
Now compare poor little Shandi:
I lifted the kettle from the fire and set it on the ground next to Shandi’s body. Her clothes hung in tatters about her.
Keep in mind that Cinder is the only Chandrian we known of that carries a sword. Would Cinder cut someone up such that their clothes lay in tatters? Surely a couple of stabs or a slash to the throat would suffice.
And there's evidence of fire at both events. Well what does Chronicler see as he approaches:
It wasn’t lamplight from a house, or even sparks from a campfire. It was a bonfire roaring in the ruins of an old house, little more than two crumbling stone walls.
And what advice does Kvothe give him?
"It doesn’t really matter. A sword wouldn’t do you much good.” He handed Chronicler a heavy piece of firewood. “You probably won’t be able to hit one, but it’s worth a try. They’re fast. If one of them gets on you, just fall down. Try to land on it, crush it with your body. Roll on it. If you get hold of one, throw it into the fire.” If you get hold of one, throw it into the fire.
In addition, the ineffectiveness of swords comes up here. Compare with Terren, the sword-wielding member of the troupe:
I saw Teren’s body lying by his wagon, his sword broken in his hand.
Finally, when Carter brings the dead scrael to the Waystone, Cob assumes it was something else that was responsible until Carter unveils the dead scrael:
“I’m just tellin’ the truth. It’s a damn shame about Nelly, but he better listen now or he’ll end up dead. You don’t get lucky twice with those sort of men.”
So there you go. From these excerpts it would appear that the Scrael do the actual killings. Maybe the Chandrian send them in, then burn the evidence. Maybe they arrive after the fact, and burn everything to stop the scrael spreading. That's a theory for another day.
A final bit of speculation: what if Lanre/Haliax unleashed the scrael in the betrayal of Myr Tariniel, and they are encroaching blackness in Skarpi's story. The blood and fire seems to fit too:
With horror he saw that some of the encroaching blackness was, in fact, a great army moving upon Myr Tariniel.
Myr Tariniel was burned and butchered, the less that is said of it the better. The white walls were charred black and the fountains ran with blood. For a night and a day Selitos stood helpless beside Lanre and could do nothing more than watch and listen to the screams of the dying, the ring of iron, the crack of breaking stone.
The cracking of stone could also relate to the scrael themselves:
Moving carefully, the innkeeper took one of the long, smooth legs and tried to break it with both hands like a stick. “Not pottery,” he amended. He set it against the edge of the table and leaned his weight against it. It broke with a sharp crack. “More like stone.”
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Anybody else with me on this? It's really because I suck at the game, but I also feel like the frame rate can be a bit janky at times when playing online, which really screws up my timing. I just wanna earn my XP and unlock the rewards to get more cards. I like playing vs CPU, and Extra Innings games. Who else really sucks at this game (comparatively to most online gamers) but still loves playing it?
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I am a 25 year old college dropout who has worked a total of one job in his life and can't find another either due to lack of qualifications or a utter lack of actual willingness to try. I haven't had a date since freshman year of high school. I have friends but every time I am around them I keep finding my self thinking that I don't belong and honestly that a running theme in my life. I have done nothing with my existence and I probably never will. The won't be a better place without or a worse place as I am a net zero person. Sorry you read that worthless dribble but I had to get that off my chest.
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I’m feeling pretty defeated when people are posting day 25-26 and you can see a significant difference in their photos. I went from like 0 physical activity to two workouts a day, stopped eating junk & eating out & feel like I still am not seeing a difference physically. I CAN however see my discipline & habits changing so I guess that’s a plus
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I (m14) asked a girl to be my valentine this year(f14) and she hasn’t responded in 3 hours. We have known each other for a long time but haven’t talked much until recently, Any advice?
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I’d love to find this old video I used to watch. I wanna say it was Shima or Aragon or both. It was the first time I remembered hearing Marilyn Manson’s cover of Tainted Love. Anyone remember? Early 2000’s
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I'm trying to set up a few networks and keep them all separate. for my udm-pro, usw, waps etc. for one group of servers and users all ports and ssid tagged vlan 16 for another group of servers and users, all ports and ssid tagged vlan 17
I seem to be forced into say, for L2TP and users logging in via vpn are able to ping all subnets? Why can't I make multiple L2TP networks and vlan-tag them?
I could use split-tunnel and only add the connection routes on a per-user basis, but that's just security through obscurity.
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2022.01.28 00:07 DannySorensen Trading Shield exclusives for sword exclusives

Looking for some Sword Exclusives, trading the shield alternatives.
LF Darumaka FT Ponyta (Galarian)
LF Passimian FT Oranguru
LF Mawile FT Sableye
LF Solrock FT Lunatone
LF Farfetched (Galarian) FT Corsola (Galarian)
LF Turtonator FT Drampa
LF Flapple/applin holding tart apple FT Applin holding sweet apple (in case you have a good/shiny applin you would prefer to evolve)
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Hi there - I'm looking to get into triathlon and would like to train for a full Ironman in the next ~18 months. I need to buy all the gear and am trying to figure out a rough budget. I have a good aerobic foundation, so don't want total beginner stuff, but I also don't need the top-end gear. What is a good $ range to put aside?
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She was set on getting to the bottom of her father’s death. As she dug deeper, she found out that it was a murder case committed by a huge corporation. Along the way, her paths crossed with a cold, arrogant, and two-faced young master. The most impetuous female lead of the century meets the two-faced young master of the universe. What flirtatious melody will the two of them produce? ... Read The Flirty Two-faced Young Master - Chapter 45 - MangaBuddy. Read more at
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Item Name Set Number: treehouse 21318
Lego Price: 200+20 tax
Shipping: 50$ from WA 98107->FL 33013
(20 x 24 x 6 ) at 11 pounds
Raffle Total/Spots: $270
135 at 2$
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Call spots: Y/N Y
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Duration of spot limit:no
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international: Y/N N
Timestamp pics:
Description: treehouse!!
Payment required within 20 minutes of raffle filling.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban
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1B rs3 to osrs
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I've read that 400mg of magnesium is good to take everytime. Than I checked how much there's magnesium in almonds, in 10g there was only 20mg of it. How is it possible for anyone to get the minimum required dose from natural foods? I mean our ancestors didn't have huge variety and all the nutrients you can get now. How did they get the required amount? Why didn't the body adapt for lesser amounts? Or the food and soil was richer with nutrients than today?
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2022.01.28 00:07 sunflowerthink I should be grateful, but I'm just disappointed.

Last year was a really crappy year. I won't go into details, but I was really unwell, it was sudden, unexpected and it could have been the end. But it wasn't, I got better- I came through it and life carried on. The problem is ever since I've been questioning why - why am I here? Why didn't I die? Why was I okay when so many people aren't? It could have so easily been the end and all my dreaming and hoping would have been for nothing. I can't see the beauty in the world anymore, I can't see the meaning, I have no idea what my purpose is. I know I should feel grateful, I know that is what is expected when you've suffered a trauma like this and got through, but I can't. Surely there has to be something more to life than this? Everything just seems to stretch out in front of me - years of work, years of Netflix, boring TV, reading crappy books - I'm just treading water, wasting time. All the people in my life who I love, my friends and family, all the joy I used to get from spending time with them is gone because all I can think about is how we all will one day disappear.
Can anyone tell me what it is all for? Does anyone have the answer?
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Hello everyone. With the help of the two kids. The dog. And my wife who never kicks her shoes off before getting in. The whip is getting a bit rank. Which shop in town is legitimate and actually good at detailing?
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