Manga chapters

2022.01.28 00:30 urmomlole Manga chapters

How many chapters are currently available in the English manga? I finally was able to pre-order vol. 2 after 6 months and now im hunting for vol, 7. Theres no exact answer online to how many in total there is currently, any help?
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2022.01.28 00:30 Efficient_Pack934 Can alcoholic’s- alcohol addicts- do NA?

I just started AA and plan to do the twelve steps. I really like AA but I’m curious what NA meetings are like.
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2022.01.28 00:30 luckisugar How to get over anxiety about not hearing from my (28F) fiancé (26M) for several hours

My fiancé and I have been together for seven years. 6 months into saying, he was T-boned leaving my house and got a concussion and his brand new car was totaled. Two years after that, he was rear ended by a semi on the highway going 55 mph. His car and all the belongings in it were obliterated, but he somehow only received a few staples in the head.
Now, whenever I don’t hear from him for several hours, or if he goes out and doesn’t get home when expected, I freak out and automatically assume the worst: that he’s been in another sort of accident, that he needs help and has no way of contacting anyone, etc etc. This causes a lot of arguments with us, as he doesn’t like to be tied to his phone when he goes out with friends. He accuses me of being controlling and not “letting” him go out, I accuse him of not caring enough about my anxiety to shoot me a text every couple hours saying “still out, having fun” or “still out, not sure when I’ll be back.” I feel like I’m probably in the wrong here, but I have no idea how to “fix” my anxiety about something happening to him when he unfortunately has a history of bad luck on the road.
For what it’s worth, I’m also clinically depressed have been on meds for over 10 years.
TLDR; fiancé in two bad car wrecks since we’ve been together so I get anxious when I go more than 3 or 4 hours without hearing from him. How to get over this anxiety.
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2022.01.28 00:30 soyelement Classic Oxford Shoes HANDMADE in Japan

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2022.01.28 00:30 KC9082 Vanguard Investments - Drug test

Does anyone know anything how they drug test. I'm more curious about what they test for and if they send it out to a lab to check for things like synthetic urine. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.28 00:30 HighP1ng4 Guys I need a good decision from Y'all. Dragon or Kraken ??

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2022.01.28 00:30 floras_flowers Friends and feelings.

Why can’t I just be happy and laugh with the people I’m closest too? Why can’t I be like everyone else and feel happy talking about boys and high school ish stuff. How come every time I say something, the room gets quiet. Why am I closer to strangers than the people I spill my life too. I laugh when someone says a funny word, points out something random, when I’m showing someone my crystals or telling them that your elbow is also called a wenis. It’s always funny the first time, until it isn’t. Im boring. But I never was to her, she laughed at everything I said and I couldn’t help but laugh back. She hugged me, we took pictures, gave each other piggy back rides, played music together, talked about the most random things and for us it was always the funniest thing in the world. And when i needed it, she listened and I did the same. That was all I wanted, someone to hug and laugh with without having to overthink. Am I funny? Do I fit? Do they really like me? Are they talking to me because they feel bad? Do they really like me? Why is it so awkward when I’m alone with someone? Why can’t I ever know what to say when someone is hurting? Why can’t I bring myself to care about anyone else but her? Why is she the only one I want to hug so badly. I loved her for almost two years in secret, and after she broke my heart I finally feel like I’m in a place where I don’t feel like that towards her anymore. But I still want her to hug me, talk to me, lean on me and laugh with me. Because she’s the only one who makes me laugh. When I’m with her it’s like nothing else exists in the word, just us. I don’t notice anyone else, I don’t hear anything else, I don’t even remember what I had said because I’m drowning in laughter. Or worry. Or sadness. Or confusion. Or warmness. She’s the only one who makes me feel things. She reminds me that I’m human. From the beginning it was us, others would get upset and say she only opened up to me or looked sad when we saw them and it was just us together, laughing. Now I understand how they feel. Whenever I see you laughing with her, at whatever she says, at whatever she does, just like how we were. You show her things, tell her things, she acts like a different person when she’s around you. Just like me. When I’m with you it’s just us. When you’re with them it’s like I’m from another world. I feel like I’m a bother, I don’t belong, you act happier around them. Am I too serious or not serious enough? If I am then still why won’t you tell me what’s hurting you. Even now, I cannot tell if it would be better if I left or continued smiling for a hope of a couple of genuine laughs I can only get from you.
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2022.01.28 00:30 basilisk_126 WF-1000XM3 Charging Case Capacity

The charging case was claimed that can provide 16 hours more. I use my XM4 with ASC off, ANC or Ambient Sound on, EQ on, Priority on Sound Quality, DSEE Extreme on, Speak to Chat off, and I can only get 10 hours out of the Charging Case. Is this normal or is there a problem with the case? Thanks
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2022.01.28 00:30 joker-diecast The new 2022 Enterprise. Have one question. Why is there a number under the Enterprise? Someone knows it?

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2022.01.28 00:30 singularityGPT2Bot Curious AI: A video series about the future of AI

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2022.01.28 00:30 Jumpluff_yui By giving us the bowl at this specific time Elex might be calling us beggars

I'm saying this because it's natural to interpret Elex/Paper's move this way if you share the same cultural background - which most players in the international server don't - that is, in Chinese culture, calling someone a beggar (要饭的) is derogatory and the figure of a typical beggar is almost always associated with an empty bowl. I feel like the player base here has the right to know this cultural background given the timing they gave us the bowl.
Someone earlier pointed out that the bowl is part of the Chinese diaspora heritage in Indonesia, so I'm even more disgusted by Elex's act because they used this memorable part of the heritage in a very nasty way.
Thanks to the Weibo link provided in the "CN players are siding with us" post, I was able to confirm that my interpretation is common among CN players. Here's the link: If you can read Chinese you'll see many of these comments point out that Elex is calling us beggars by giving us a bowl amid an ongoing boycott.
Some pictures and memes of a beggar FYI:
"What does 要饭的 mean in Chinese":
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2022.01.28 00:30 dank_mood Mail call, just got my Natsu!

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2022.01.28 00:30 Catfo0od Sauceless lo mein and oil bread

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2022.01.28 00:30 Tys_Wife If ADHD were a handyman

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2022.01.28 00:30 Free-Hovercraft7410 I do bad choices Or my friend think a lot of MP and love Assassin's sword (yes I Am a Brazilian)

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2022.01.28 00:30 myTerminal_ How to configure multi-battery configuration?

I've never used computers with multiple batteries until I got into older ThinkPads with Lenovo's PowerBridge technology. So when I'm on battery power, the internal battery isn't even used until the external battery is completely empty. Charging happens in the exact opposite order such that the external battery isn't even charged until the internal one is completely charged.
The problem is that even though I'd think that the overall charge remaining is above what I usually plug my computer to the outlet, the external battery would have gone through a deep discharge. Every time I do that, the battery loses some capacity.
Is there a solution to this problem?
PS: I use Linux and set thresholds using tlp.
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2022.01.28 00:30 AI-Recruiter [Hiring] (Language Expert – Indic languages) Independent Contractor

TransPerfect DataForce is currently looking for Punjabi and Urdu linguists with experience in Phonetics, Transcription and/or Annotation tasks to join our team as Indic Language Experts.
For more details, please visit the link:
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2022.01.28 00:30 ResolutionOk5211 Does anyone watch her TikTok’s? Who makes their son film them like this (dancing)?? Screenshot *

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2022.01.28 00:30 webdevredemption 11 million daily streams vs 4 million monthly streams…

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2022.01.28 00:30 WalrusSecret3686 Urge to test?

How do I stop the urge to watch gay porn to test myself?
Everytime I watch porn with a woman I have to watch gay porn afterwards and make myself feel more like shit this sucks.
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2022.01.28 00:30 kody38476 Which mark should I drop?

3.9% worth, mark is 20% 5.4% worth, mark is 66.7%
I am not sure which mark I should drop, how do I calculate it? If someone can just tell me which one to drop, it would be greatly appreciated!!!
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2022.01.28 00:30 Cyka_Reich I got hacked.. How can i prevent even more hackings to happen on my account?

TL:DR - 5:30 AM some guy logged in my account buyed things i dont need. Woke up and i saw i lost 700 robux.
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2022.01.28 00:30 Comrade14 Ryanair on TikTok again

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2022.01.28 00:30 dinosaregaylikeme [PJO]My husband and I share the same first names as one of the most popular PJO ships, we are not mentally ready for the tv show to be green lit.

My husband has fully accepted his role as Percy Jackson. It doesn't help that my husband also grew up in New York City and is tall with black hair and green eyes.
I remember when we 12 years younger and the Percy Jackson movie just came out. Every small child within in a mile radius would come up to my husband and asked if he is really Percy Jackson.
My husband is so socially awkward and would always say yes. He would ask the kids to keep the secret from regular people and to eat their vegetables so they could grow up strong to protect those people.
Little kids never knew who I was because Nico Di Angelo doesn't appear official until the 3rd book.
But damn, I taught middle school holy other fucking story on that one.
Just like my husband, I also bear a resemblance to the character I share a name with. I am shorter at 5'1, but I am Italian and never left my emo phase.
So yeah, loads of fanart scribbles on the back of their assignments from my students in that department. Lots of my students use to write fanfiction in their notebooks as well. Eh, every kid needs a creative output, so I was never against it. I also wrote a lot of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fanfiction in middle school and not about to punish my students for the same thing I did at their age.
Then there is the issue with Barnes and Nobles canceling our book orders. Sometimes we get someone who has read the PJO books and think we are pulling their leg when we say our names. So they cancel our orders to prevent over ordering preorder books. I have showed them our IDs way to many times so they don't cancel our orders.
Having old and unusual names is super fun some days. My husband had a mini stroke the first time he heard my name and then a massive stroke when he saw my apartment and tattoo.
My husband read the books before he met me. I did not because I was already part of the Greek Mythology religion. I was and still am a person who practices Hellenism. I grew up Catholic and after I ran away from home I found peace in Hellenism and protection in my Godly Father Hades.
I knew of the Percy Jackson Books, it was a childrens introduction book to my religion. I never bother with it because it was water down version of my religion because children shouldn't be reading an uncensored book of what shinagains my Gods get into.
My husband and I met during a one night stand in his gross little bachelor apartment. I never left and stayed with him for a few days. He mention that my name and his name are in the same book series but it wasn't a big deal.
And then I showed him my apartment and boy did he have a stoke when he saw my Hades Shrine and that I worship my Godly Deity. And that is when I got the full story of what book character I share a name with.
And then it became a fun little joke between the two of us. We even got a guinea pig name Grover. Sadly Grover passed away a few years ago and now we have Octavian, Will, Blackjack, and Buford. We are the crazy cat couple but with tiny furry potatoes.
And then we got engaged, and that is when shit hit the fan.
Guess which book came out a month before we got engaged. That is right, House Of Hades. Personally, my favorite book in the series, but sweet baby Jesus did Tumblr go ham on Percico.
First off, I knew from book four that Nico was a fruitcake but oh no my husband denied my theory for yearssss and swearing up and down that Nico was crushing on Annabeth. One of the best "I told you so" in our marriage I got to deliver to him. Nico was having gay angst problems since book four, it was more obvious than a giant neon sign.
Side note, as a son of Hades I am so so so so so so glad Rick changed his tone with Nico. Instead of making Nico the stereotypical bad guy because he is the son of Hades, Rick changed his mind and made Nico a very beautiful and complex character outside who his Godly father. Hades isn't a "bad guy", most don't pray to him because it is consider bad luck praying to the guy who you will meet when you will die. I loath the stereotype that Hades and those who seek guidance from him are bad people because he is Lord of The Underworld. Mad respect Rick on that.
Also as someone who grew up gay and struggling with my identity, I am glad a child like me will have someone to relate to when reading. I needed to read someone like Nico when I was younger.
That is why Rick is one our favorite authors. Which is why when my husband and I boxed up our Harry Potter books (that lived on the very important "top shelf" of our bookcase) replaced it with the Percy Jackson books. Our bisexual daughter can read someone like her in those books. When our son grows up and discovers who he is, I know he will find someone like himself in Ricks books to relate to.
Okay back to House of Hades, that was the book teenagers and young adults started to really look at my husband and I. Started to point out our names more when we mention them.
And we never knew peace since. We got a little peace when Will was introduced. We were hoping for more peace when the stand alone Nico and Will book comes out next summer.
But hearing the PJO show just got green lit ruined that plan. But it is small sacrifice to pay for an immeasurable amount of happiness. I will give a blessing and a pray to Apollo and the Muses to make sure this will be more accurate to the books.
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